Lunch Classics

choose from one:  soup or salad or French fries



Chicken Fingers     12

8 oz chicken strips fried Ÿ honey mustard or plum sauce


Double Decker Clubhouse     12

pulled chicken Ÿ bacon Ÿ aged cheddar cheese Ÿ lettuce Ÿ tomato Ÿ chipotle mayo Ÿ white, whole wheat, or rye bread


Beef Dip     13

                                                                             6 oz sliced beef Ÿ au jus Ÿ baguette


Quesadilla     13

choose one:  chicken or beef, stuffed in a soft tortilla

peppers Ÿ onions Ÿ tomato Ÿ nacho cheese


Stir Fry     14

sautéed peppers Ÿ onions Ÿ broccoli Ÿ carrots Ÿ choice of chicken, beef or shrimp


The Ultimate Nachos     14

tri-colour nacho Ÿ jalapeno Ÿ olive Ÿ red onion Ÿ tomatoes Ÿ green pepper Ÿ red pepper Ÿ mix nacho cheese

ADD blackened chicken   5Ÿ

beef   7Ÿ     chilli   5