with garlic wedge   8

add chicken   5   steak   7   shrimp skewer   7   meatballs   5

choice of pasta:

Fettuccini   Spaghetti   Penne

choice of sauce:

marinara (tomato) Ÿ Alfredo (creamy white) Ÿ bolognaise (tomato meat)



Italian Meatball     17

3 meatballs Ÿ marinara sauce Ÿ spaghetti


Thai Curry Bowl     18

tender chicken or shrimp Ÿ coconut curry Ÿ rice Ÿ naan


Chicken Peri Peri     19Ÿ  Ÿ

chicken breast in Peri Peri sauce Ÿ rice Ÿ vegetables


Ginger Beef     19.5

6 oz steak strips Ÿ rice or pasta Ÿ stir fry vegetables Ÿ ginger sauce


Butter Chicken     20

tender chicken Ÿ curried tomato cream

                                                                                     sauce Ÿ rice Ÿ naan